Social sharing sites are a great way to boost your social signals and get your content seen by more people but there are also some drawbacks to them if you don't know exactly how they work and how to best use them.

Watch the video above to find out how to get all the benefits of them without experiencing the negatives that may cause your social media following to abandon you.

Two of the more popular services that I mentioned in the video are Tribepro and LinkLuv.

This is a quick and easy way on how to do perform market research and immediately go back and turn a profit. 

New business owners and entrepreneurs often find out how important it is to perform market research but then when they actually ask the question...

"How do you do market research?" 

Unfortunately, they don't often like the answer.

They get discouraged because they think it's too complex so they skip one of the most important steps in marketing and running a successful business.

This is why you will notice companies will spends millions and millions of dollars on market research because they realize the value in it. 

Not only that, but they know that every penny they spend on it will earn them back a dollar if used correctly.

In the video above, I'll show you a very simple and free way to do your own market research with a little twist so that you can turn around and make a profit with your newly acquired information.

It's super simple and highly effective.

In fact, other marketers have used a more advanced version of this same exactly market research strategy that I talk about in the video to make 6 figures alone, just from running a survey campaign.

Please "thumb up" and leave a comment once you are done watching the video.

Best Black Friday Deal 2013


I think I may have stumbled on to the BEST Black Friday deal of 2013 so far - well that's assuming that you like to save a lot of money and get a gift that keeps on giving.

This will actually be the first year I spar with the Black Friday crowds since I normally travel to my Grandparents house but this year I'll be staying home cooking the bird as my Fiance has to work.

I know you'll think this is a great deal too since it's 93% OFF and the only thing that you do pay goes to Charity so it's pretty much guilt free when you buy it haha.

(That's how I'm justifying it anyways)

It's a bit of a coincidence how I found it as I was in the middle of painting a dry erase board on my wall. You can see it below:

You see one of the marketers that I just always thought was "cool" was Frank Kern and he was known for his "Big Ass White Board." So it was a bit of a coincidence that I was in the middle of painting one on my wall when I found the deal.

Although I didn't do it to be like him. I use to have a Chalkboard on my wall but I'm pretty sure all the chalk dust was seeping into my lungs so this time around I figured a dry erase board was a better decision.

As I was letting the special paint dry, I received a private email from Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern...

In an effort to raise $50,000 for charity they are going to be sharing the results of over $15 Million worth of testing that they've spent running traffic to 23 of their properties.

All for a measley $7 and a good cause.

Yes, all of the $7 goes to charity.

I'm not going to lie though... if it wasn't for charity I may have saved this information about the live event they are doing on Black Friday for myself. 

Figured I could get a little bit of a leg up on everyone else before the replay gets released to the public months later at a minimum of $100.

But since it's for Charity I decided not to risk the bad karma by not sharing it with you.

You can Check It Out Here.

I don't know if I mentioned this but it's making them $30 Million per year now so it should be something good to model after.

Did I mention it's for Charity?

Donate $7 to Charity and Get Access to the Live Event this Black Friday by clicking HERE.


Happy Turkey Week!

Duke Romkey


P.S. Look for what he says about the "CC Method" - Click Here

How I'm Going To Pay For My Wedding


I recently got engaged and I was super stoked until reality dawned on me and it sunk in that somehow... I would need to pay for this. 

This is a common problem that alot of soon to be newly weds have and previously the only way to solve it was to "save save save."

Eat ramen noodles for 1 year so you can have fresh flowers on the table. 

Personally -- that's not the message I want to send to my fiance, nor is that how I want to live. 

The solution? Rather than pinch pennies and cut coupons, I'm just going to make more money. Which is actually easier then most people know. I'll tell you why in a second...

But you are probably wondering how I proposed to her, so here it goes (I hope you like it)...

Lisa (my fiance) and I, are going to be moving into a new apartment together in a couple weeks so I need to paint some of my walls back to the original color otherwise my current apartment building will try and keep my security deposit.

You know how that is...

So I decided to paint "Will You Marry Me" on my wall along with a heart that had some pictures of us in it. Then I invited her over under the pretense that we were going to go watch a movie (although I just wanted to make sure she didn't come over in her sweat pants), but first I wanted her to see if my new paint matched the old.

She walked in -- saw what was painted on the wall and I got down on one knee and asked "Will you marry me??"

Thankfully she said yes. Otherwise, this would be a much different type of blog post haha.

For most newly weds, the only option to pay for a wedding is to save.

Not because they want to, but because that's the only option they have.

If you don't want to spend the next 6-12 months pinching pennies then you need to have a vehicle to actually make money and pay for your wedding.

This is what I use - Click here to see it.

It's super simple, and you can watch the first video above to find out how you can begin to figure out a domain name for your new blog which will then turn into a profit center.

Just check back soon to find out the next steps and to see how the wedding planning is going.


P.S. If you have any wedding planning tips, post them in the comments below!!


I came across this video from Gary Vaynerchuck and there were moments that made me stop in my tracks, rewind the video, and watch it again.

Listen to what he has to say about how people are using social media and how advertisers are stuck in the past with their thinking.

If you get ahead of the curve then you win.

This will help…

So watch it.

If you plan on using Social Media and leveraging the internet to make an income then you should also hear what these guys have recently discovered – Watch And Stay Ahead of The Curve Here.

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